Here are some guidelines for setting up your address list.


To address your envelopes, the list needs to be sent to us typed on the computer in either

Word or Notepad (.txt file)


The list needs to be typed in one continuous column (left side) with a double space in between

each address as follows:


Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

545 William Terrace

Closter, New Jersey 07624


Miss Alyssa Simpson

45 First Avenue

Hillsdale, New Jersey 07642


Dr. Robert Montgomery

3887 Park Avenue East

Apartment 4B

New York, New York 10056


Make sure there are no abbreviations:

and  (instead of &),  Avenue, Street, State etc.

Additional information is usually placed on the inner envelope such as children and guests.

A separate list needs to be typed for the inner envelope as well as for the place card list

in the same format as the address list.

Here is an example. Remember...the first name is not included on the inner envelope:


Mr. and Mrs. Smith  (or)


Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family  (or)


Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Karrie and Jesse                   (children's names may be added to the inner envelope)


Miss Simpson


Dr. Montgomery and Guest


For information on proper etiquette, click here.

We print your envelopes exactly the way we receive your list and cannot be held responsible for errors

and/or omissions on your list.